Monday, June 9, 2008

I miss my 5th graders!

Today was my first day of vacation and boy do I miss my kiddos already. It's pretty sad I know! I LOVED this class and hated to let them go. With that said, they also were a great distraction to our current house annoyance!

It's Monday the 9th and we have YET to close on the house. The old homeowner's have an outstanding water bill and didn't pay their Homeowner's Association fees. So, I sit IMPATIENTLY waiting for them to give us a closing date.

My mother-in-law gave us an early Christmas present and "bought" us movers. Obviously, with me being pregnant, I am unable to be much of a help. SO, instead of relying so heavy on our friends and family to help us move, I am thankfully going to accept this gift.

The worst part is that I wanted to get odds and ends in car loads up there, and of course just throw my clothes in the car on the hangers. Right now, I am frustrated we have yet to close. ;(

I want to be in the house! We haven't been able to measure for the curtains or for the fridge. Can you hear my frustation via this keyboard???

For anybody who knows me well, they know I am a planner..........this isn't fitting in my plans one single bit!

I don't even know where to focus my frustrations anymore. Packing is only so much fun by yourself. I listen to my country music, take a break and check e-mail and myspace (to put my feet up) and go back to packing. I am out of boxes right now, so the packing is finished for the evening.