Saturday, April 11, 2009

9 months old........and one day

Happy 9 months Carson!!

Since mommy was on Spring Break, she was clueless about the date. She kept thinking it was Sat. the whole time. In fact, April 10th is Daddy and Mommy's 5 years of dating. So, not only did I forget to give Daddy his card, I forgot to take a picture of you on your 9 month mark. OOPS! So, grammie stopped by on her way to KY and therefore we took a 9 month and 1 month quick snap. I think mommy has to have an excuse to buy a new digital camera because she is unable to find the cord that connects to her computer! :) I love excuses to buy something new.

Ok, this post is about you. So, here's 9 funnies about you.

1. Your many faces. It's so funny to see the many faces you can partake in a given day. I don't know why the fish face is your favorite at this point in time. Your other favorite is a mean look

I haven't been able to get a picture of yet.

2. You are a champ at climbing the stairs. It first starting when you thought it would be fun to chase the kids at Missy (the awesome babysitter's house) to the toy room. You went up on your first try and continue to love to go up the stairs. (picture of my camera! :() Of course, the funny part is that you stop to check to ensure someone is behind you and/or that someone is paying attention to you!

3. Your need to find whatever you can to be entertained. Whether it's a box or your laundry hamper. If you have someone playing with you, you are golden for hours.

4. The way you use whatever is around for a teething ring. I might as well have saved some money on the actual rings they commercially make. You LOVE to use blocks and the edge of the binkies.

(Don't mind the sticker that my brother thought would be great to torment him with!!)

5. I know I have mentioned this bath time before. But, you never cease to amaze me at your bath time skills. Daddy is usually the bath man, but mommy has taken it over during Spring Break. I love how you think it's time to play give mommy a toy to put in her mouth and then I will put a toy in my mouth. I love how you stand up on the edge of the bathtub because you think you are super cool because you can stand up now! Your smile at the end of the bath in your cute hoodie towel makes me laugh! You love the frog and crocodile.

6. It's neat to see you stand up and push the buttons, close the computer and turn the pages on the Laugh and Learn table. I just wish you would let mommy hear her favorite tunes when she pushes the buttons! :) Instead, she gets to singing the songs and you have to close the computer.

7. Your laugh is funny. When you see the tickle bugs coming you begin to laugh. You someone stop when you are nursing just to laugh if mommy moves her hands just right, you think I'm coming to tickle you! I love hearing you laugh.

8. There really isn't anything "funny" about this one but I wanted to add that you have only slept through the night 2 of the last 10 nights. Between that 7th tooth coming in and your need to be "not fed enough", you can't stand asleep long enough or even take the best of naps. It was a rough Spring Break!

9. It's funny that you are a charmer already. You put your best face on and charm whoever is around. Whether it's now telling them "dadddddaaaa or no no no no no no no", smiling, crawling, standing, eating, whatever it may be you are a blue eyed ornery stubborn charmer! I don't know where you get some of the things that you get. Ugh ok, I wish I could say that I wasn't the ornery stubborn one but sorry Carson, you are a lot like mommy!!

We love you lots!

Triple Time

1. I would not have complained about being on break and never getting to sttn......ok two nights out of 10 I didn't complain.

2. I would not have went to Meijer and Sam's alone and felt lost without Carson with me!!!

3. I would not have been excited when the late night time awake would mean that I would have to forgo pumping in the am!! I love pumping so much.

4. The following day after he gave me time to shop I would not have pushed the button and left again to go get a haircut!

5. I would not have freaked out when I returned home to find a goose egg given by the car door and almost swallowing a paperclip when John was to be watching him. While I was not freaking out, I wouldn't have made him feel guilty about us not being able to get 9 month pictures professionally taken.

6. I would not be counting down the days until Summer so we can get on a schedule and stick to normal feedings, naps etc.

7. I would not have logged onto blogger, facebook. myspace or email while I was breastfeeding.

8. I would not have wondered if my son will eat me out of the house by 5 and will he be a whimp with his teething and awaking so much for both!!!

9. I would not have made sure that I didn't help get the diaper bag, Carson's food, boppy, Chair to eat, food we cooked for dinner ready JUST to prove a point to my husband he depends way too much on me. Nope, I would have instead stayed upstairs taking awhile in the shower, doing my hair and putting on make-up for Easter.

10. I would not have been annoyed with my mother-in-law at Easter. Why when you are around people do you feel they are watching EVERY move you make as a parent. So, I wasn't feeding C fast enough and he started to whine. I am on the floor, with my man in a seat that he doesn't want to be in, fat because I'm fat and I ate too much and you want to tell me I'm not feeding him enough. I would not have told her to come down here and do it herself then! No, not me, I bite my toungue with her so that I dont' cause issues.

11. I would not have proceeded to read blogs of mothers of multiples and continue to think to myself "I will not ask the questions they complain they get from others"! ;-) P.S. The only comment they dislike I will continue to say is "How cute they kids are......but as a mother I LOVE when people say that Carson is cute! ;) So, if I see twins, triplets, quads etc. IF they are cute, I will tell the parents they are cute. However, I won't tell them better them than me, they have their hands full, did they use drugs just to name a few! ;)

12. I would not wonder what it would be like to have twins or triplets (as they do run in my family).

13. I would not have convinced my husband that we are going to have another child! Sure, Carson's been work (he is 50% me!) but he needs a brother or sister his own age! John's 10 years older than him and the next cousin closet is 8 years apart. That's unfair at Easter Egg Hunts!!!

14. I would not have stayed up until 12:45 am Saturday Evening because on my Spring Break to do list was to organize the basement. I would not have napped so much during the week that I didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked to over break. I would not have lost more sleep to clean the basement (the place that can be avoidable to guests!). No, not me!

ENJOY! I'm too lazy to give the linkie . But, you should try this one on your own sometime. It's fuN and actually therapy! :) Pray for Stellan!!