Thursday, July 9, 2009

ONE YEAR!!! July 10th!

Dear Carson,

It has been a year since you made your appearance LOUDLY into this world. It's hard to believe life without you in our lives. I don't know what daddy and I talked about before you came along. We talk on the phone and give each other the Carson (nicknamed Boo) update frequently. Not only does daddy like to know what you are doing, your Grammie must have the update as well and calls or texts me frequently just to ask how you are doing. You have stolen her heart for sure!

Here are twelve fun facts about you.

1. Your big smile makes the trials and tribulations of everyday seem so minuscule. (Well, it still doesn't stop mom from complaining though!). :)

2. You are unable to hide your feelings and they come out in your facial expressions. You have many different faces you show us on a daily basis. The two you like the most is shaking your head no when you don't want something and making zuberts at people as your way of saying Hello. Mommy only dislikes it when you are doing it at the dinner table because she is trying young to teach you table manners!

3. Since mommy and daddy are both Tauruses, you have nooooooo hope to not be stubborn! You crack us up when you show us this side! You don't want us holding your hand right now when we want you to walk somewhere with you. You have to do it on your own.

4. You are continuing to talking more frequently. You currently don't have any new words from the 11th month post. However, you tend to go around saying the words that you know. I love when we are in the store and you see anything shaped round and say ball, ball, ball. It's great to see that you know what a ball is shaped! You love ball so much that you are able to located a ball in the midst of all your toys and bring it to mommy!

5. You were a lifesaver in June. Your aunt Barbara lost her green stone out of her ring when she was here babysitting you for a day and after two weeks, there was no way it was going to be found. Instead, you decided that wasn't going to be the case. After many sweepings in the living room (your mom has an obsession) and even the couch being moved, one day you handed me the stone, saying "mama mama". It was a dream come true for Aunt Barbara who loved that ring that her son got her!

6. Speaking of cleaning, you are a champ! You must have your "plate" clean. When you are full, you hand any leftover food to mommy to put into the bowl. You can't stand having anything on your plate! Also, you love walking holding the broom and cleaning up the kitchen. Not only do you like a clean plate and the broom, you love taking laundry out of the dryer, especially at Missy's house (the babysitter). She thinks it's beyond adorable that you are so interested in helping. I'm hoping I won't have to tell you to clean your room when you get older! Finally, I forgot you learned how to do dishes. I think you had more fun putting water all over the floor and suds in your hair, but it was adorable to see you interacting with Grammie!

7. You love your fruits and veggies! If you were able to live on bananas and green beans, I think you would be truly happy! I've been taught to start with veggies first at the table so I ensure you eat them. If you we set meat down at the same time as veggies, you will pick through to find the veggies, especially green beans!

8. YOU ARE WALKING!!!!!!! You were doing great and then we went to Grammie's house for two days and it was like you were determined to show off for her and it was off to the races after that. Sure, you still crawl every so often, but for the most part, you are walking! It's amazing how fast you have grown the first year!

9. You are wearing size 18-24 month clothes. You are a BIG BOY! Evenly portioned by all means, but definitely bigger than most little ones around you! I will have to repost this letter when I have your stats from your one year appointment!

10. You love your mommy and daddy. You love each of us in your own way. Daddy is the most famous for your bathtime and nighttime sippy cup. Mom did your bath alone for the first five months of your life and then daddy took over. When mommy fills in, you are stubborn and won't even play the "Where is Pooh game?". I think mommy is too business like and thinking about what all needs to be done and daddy has time to play! Also, daddy has big brother who helps him out when he is here. YOU LOVE BATHTIME!

11. You're great in the pool! We have a pool in our housing development and you do a great job in there. We start about 5 min. in the baby pool to get your acclimated to the water temperature and then we move to the big boy pool. You do whine when we first get in because you think someone should hold you. However, once given your "balls" and diving sticks and moving around, you LOVE the floater. You think playing Splash Splash is the best especially when you get daddy's glasses all wet! Sometimes, you forget you aren't in the pool during bathtime, and the entire floor is soaked! OOPS! Mommy LOVES that you are a big pool guy because she loves getting her tan!!!!!!!

12. You have your first black eye! :( The day before your first birthday you climbed up on your little chair and decided to go over the side (while your brother who's 11 was sitting right beside you watching you) and hit your head on the coffee table).

Thanks for all the great memories from your first year. I can't wait for many more.


Mommy and Daddy