Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's all about ten dollars!

It's been awhile since I have updated this, so here it goes.

We are moved into the house. The only boxes left to unpack are in the basement for the computer room. I have a BIG computer desk and it didn't get on the moving truck because we thought he had to be taken apart to even get it out of the old house. Low and behold it didn't, however it does have to be taken apart to get in the new house. :( I wanted everything in place before the baby arrives. I have come to realize my OCD will just have to be put in check and the computer room won't be finished. Right now, the desk will look great in the garage!

Our house is four bedrooms, but I wanted a guest bedroom and then later that can be turned into another baby room. So, my brother put carpet in the basement for us, and that will be used as the computer room.

Speaking of my brother, the guy is usually a jerk to me but has been OVER and ABOVE helpful and pretty darn funny through the whole move. Let me give you his best classic funny line. So, the hottie guy next door said, "you are pretty easy going for being nine months pregnant". My brother points this out, "When you are the top of the scale of being a bitch, there isn't any room to grow". Gotta love him!!!

The title of the blog is about a bet that we have going in the family. Eric picked that Carson would be here on the 30th of June, I picked the 7th of July and John picked the 15th of July. I have a few more hours to go and I will win the bet (Price is Right rules apply). If he doesn't arrive on his own, the doctor is going to induce me on the 10th. Nothing is medically wrong, it's all for selfish reasons. First, it's her day to be at the hospital (or palace that we like to call it!), and also because of the LONG drive for my husband and mom from their jobs!

Today I had the "nesting" going on big time. I made this chicken casserole, cheesey potatoes, great salad for dinner, homemade choc. chip cookies and cream cheese bars. Oh and I gave the dog a bath as well.

I love living up here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to a cook-out isn't such a drag because I don't have to face the hour drive home once it's completed. :)
That's all from here folks. Next update will probably be the delivery!