Sunday, November 30, 2008

2 Teeth

My five month old has TWO teeth!

I guess I am too stupid for this program...but the OSU picture was to be first. Anyways, grammy came to visit for the OSU party at the neighbors so here's a pictures of her and her grandkids.

We started rice because he just wasn't getting enough to eat. (*see picture above*)
The doctor said it was better to give him food than to use the formula mixed with breastmilk, so rice it is. Night two---he slept from 9am to 6 am and then grammy got him up to rock him while I pumped and he went back to sleep from 6:30 to 8:00!
:) Sorry that I have taken FOREVER to upload pictures and of course, now I am unable to find the cord that I need to upload them. :( OH, but you are saved because here are some pictures from mom's camera!
I do read all of your blogs while I am feeding, but haven't found the time to use two hands and type. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Lastly, I haven't taken Carson to get any professional pictures taken yet! :( But, here's a look at Mr. Snowman