Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm going.....

to get annoyed with comments such as....

1. You are going to have your hands full.

2. the kids are going to be awful close together

3. Did you plan this?

4. How are you taking this?

5. How's Carson handling it?

After 2 1/2 years of trying to get pregnant and even having to intervene with drugs, I'm just happy I don't have to go through all the trials and tribulations to get to have a wonderful miracle. No, this was not planned one single bit! Yes, it's going to be a bit tough at first as they are so close together. My brother and I are 17 months apart. My mom seemed to handle us just fine (sure we fought like cats and dogs later!). It will be great when they are in school and so close together! :)

Well, Carson's not handling it and it doesn't make it any easier by asking me about it! I had to quit breastfeeding after 10 months and 7 days because we didn't know how far along I really was. I haven't had a period since Jan. so I could be too far along and be detrimental to the baby, so I had to quit---cold turkey! :( I am not handling that part well, and neither is Carson. He is handling the formula, but he REFUSES to take a bottle from me. A few people have recommended just going ahead and giving him the formula in a sippie cup so we will try that this weekend. I'm cheap and stubborn and I really wanted to say that we didn't have to buy a single can of formula in a year. Well, that's not going to happen! :(

Ok, enough of the rant. We had an ultrasound and everything is looking great! I am due Jan. 10th! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 months old

Carson is 10 months old today. It was great having my first Mother's Day today!

Here's the bird's eye view of Carson via Eric. :) Well, he gives me the ideas to post and I'm expanded on them. I can't interrupt him watching House..:)

1. Carson loves being chased around on the ground while crawling. He discovered this game while Grammie was here one time. He would be crawling towards her and she would be chasing him and boy can he move fast!

2. He's going to be a natural at picking up after himself. He thinks that feeding himself isn't as fun even though he's eating table food. I put little bits on his tray for him to pick up and eat. However, he must think that it's messy and will give them to me to put into the bowl. I think it's adorable because I need all the help I can picking up! :)

3. Table Food
Carson's eating a variety of Table Food at this point. I wish I had the book home from the babysitter because we just made a list for her! :) He loves pancakes (Grammie made them for the first time this weekend), pears, bananas, cheerios, animal crackers, turkey burgers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, noodles, yogurt just to name a few! Introductions to new foods will be coming soon! I also love new ideas! ;)

4. Throwing the ball- Carson enjoys sitting on someones lap and having the person below you pick up the ball and then throw it back to him and he throws it to you. If I were to already guess right now, it's obvious he will be right handed. We only have one lefty (Kayla) in our family.

5. Standing alone- Of course, I read the books, blogs etc. and see how other children are already walking. Yes, part of me thought he would walk early because I was walking by 9 months. However, he's making steps towards walking and is standing alone at some points.

6. Mocking bird- He loves doing what you are doing. The biggest part is screaming. If you make the screaming noises, he's going to make it back and much louder! It's sooooo adorable! :) I love coming to get him from the babysitter and hearing the boys and Carson having a screaming match.

7. The outdoors
Carson LOVES the outdoors. Whether it's sitting on someones lap, crawling around on the deck, playing in the yard on a blanket, or strolling in the stroller the boy loves to be outdoors! However, he's not the biggest fan of the grass! Saturday my mom took him outside on the swing so I could get a 30 min. nap. Of course, this swing wasn't a babyswing, so she wanted to ensure she was holding onto him. However, Mr. Independent didn't like Grammie touching him and kept pushing her hand away.

8. The Zoo
This week Carson was able to see the new baby Elephant at the zoo and thoroughly loved the aquarium. Missy (the babysitter) already had plans to take the other kids on Wed. which is Eric's usual day off. However, he had to work that day and she really didn't want to disappoint the other children. I was said I wouldn't be there to see his reactions for the first time at the zoo. But, I'm glad he had a great time! I even sent him with "spending money". He wasn't able to get his morning nap in that day because he was too busy looking at all the people. Hmmmmm I wonder who that would remind you of?

9. New Words

He's really trying to say dog, ball and Thank You! All of us are curious if they are really the real words or we are just imagining it! :)

10. Kisses on demand
It's so adorable when you ask him to give you kisses and he does!

Even though it's trying to be a mom at times, it's a wonderful feeling!!!

This post means that I am only 2 months away from ditching the pump and hosting his first birthday party. I already have the theme picked out, but nothing bought!!!

Hope you all enjoyed your Mother's Day!