Wednesday, October 1, 2008


day of freedom was today. It started this morning by me getting my allergy shot and visiting Jenn, Nico, Gianna and Jenn's mom Lucy! It was a great visit. I am amazed at Jenn's two year old and his creative imagination! I couldn't help but look ahead and wonder if Carson would be that great. Even though Nico had a bit of an attitude (who wouldn't after a 12 hour drive to Ohio), he was so adorable and fun to be around. Too bad Gianna had to spend most of our time napping, so we didn't get any pictures of the two together. So, hopefully now that they live closer, we can see them more! Gianna is five months old (really 4 because she was born 6 weeks early) and she is sooooo light compared to Carson. Ok, she is only about 2 oz. shy of Carson, but seriously my boy is BIG! I forgot to mention that Jenn is an amazing mother. She has those kids in a wonderful routine full of learning and loads of fun! I guess it happens to be a great quality because she used to be a teacher! She's even more amazing of a wife. I wouldn't do half of the moves that she has done for her hubby! :)

3 months tomorrow--------------------------------------------14 pounds and 1 oz and he is 26 inches long. The boy is all legs when I hold him.

Did I mention that the Nico and Gianna are adorable on top of that? I had fun Jenn!! Thanks for putting up with us even after your long drive and unpacking! ;)

I should be in bed.....hey, I am not cleaning at least right?

Today was rough. Poor Carson's belly hurts. He is on a med for his reflux and it is based on his weight. I need to call the doctor tomorrow because after his morning feeding, he spent time
crying, more crying, more crying and puking, more puking, more puking...2 hour nap etc.

I told myself I wouldn't nap to prepare my body to go back to school. Um....well, it didn't work today. After the crying fest on the way home from seeing Jenn and stopping at K-mart, I had to lay down!

I felt like a terrible mother because I let him cry for about 10 min. on the drive home. He just needed to burp and puke some more. But, instead I kept driving and allowed him to sweat to death as he go so worked up! It hurts when he cries.

The evening got worse when hubby was 1 hour late getting home, supper wasn't over until 9:45 pm and oops we locked ourself out of the bedroom! LOL

Ok, on the last fun note of the day. I asked hubby to do his own load of work clothes and sweep the kitchen. I have learned that maybe he isn't able to help as much as I would like for him too because I don't give up the control??? I think I have to have things so perfect, he is scared he won't do it right or "good" enough. I was proud that I asked for help. The goal was to get me in bed early.

But, it's weird to be told you HAVE to go to bed at a certain time!

My emotions are mixed....ready to be an adult again and have more conversations than the phone, computer and texting......................ready to make a difference with 52 new 5th graders...............ready to work with a new Intervention Specialist......................ready to get out of this house.......................but not ready to leave Carson. The worries will begin wondering how he is doing for the sitter. Is she giving him a binkie too much? Is his belly ok? Is he doing ok with the bottle? I know I am a constant person who worries, so why would this situation be any different??

I am thankful she is about 5 min. from my job and I can get to see him ASAP when I have finished my lessons for the day! It will be a whole new world to add lesson plans and grading to the equation.

Ok, I have's bedtime for real! :)

Wait...P.S. I NEED GROCERIES! Poor guy was crying so we didn't make it to the grocery store.

P.P.S. Survivor tomorrow! NIGHT!!