Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family picture!

Hey, it isn't Professional but it works for the time being! I had a cute sweater on but it was too hot at granny"s and when you breastfeed, you must be comfortable! :-) It was a great first Christmas for Carson! He enjoyed all of his presents for sure! Of course, the wrapping paper made him mad because I wouldn't let him eat it!
Carson does awesome at eating oatmeal! We had to stop sweet potatoes because he was all clogged up! The big boy is now sitting up alone and puts his arms out to go to his mommy! Daddy and brother tried to see if it would work for them and they failed X three! Ha Eric has his daddy's boy and I have a momma"s boy! Oh my.............................. Why does every sentence have an exclamation point?? :)

Santa Baby...

I realized that I LOVE to read other peoples blogs but never update my own. That's not too far if you want the truth! :-) So, here's an update.

I LOVE BEING OUT OF SCHOOL! I love having some time with Carson and not being on a schedule! I have found myself staying up way too darn late and taking naps when he does to make up for it. I am really enjoying this break for sure!

Carson was great at Christmas and enjoyed sporting his Santa Hat. Right now I have only pictures from Christmas Eve. My mother-in-law hasn't sent the ones from Christmas yet.