Saturday, February 14, 2009

More of Carson's pictures!

Happy Valentine's Day

7 month update! Carson had his first fever, ear infection and croupe (however you spell it!!). He weighs 21 pounds and is 29 inches long! He has 6 teeth.....two on the bottom and four up top. My son doesn't enjoy learning how to crawl, so he will just roll everywhere. He will roll back and forth to get to the spot that he would like to get too. He's on the last knotch of the Jump-a-roo, eating everything under the sun, still breastfeeding, and only says two words....BaBa and Momma. Go ahead and put those together and it sounds like BaMom and the kids at the sitter still today thinks he is saying "OBAMA!". :)


I guess my husband does listen to me ranting after all! I have whined and moaned enough that we haven't went to get Carson ANY professional pictures enough that he surprised me with them! On Wednesdays, Eric keeps Carson while I'm working. I called him while pumping (I multi-task on crack during pump sessions) and he said he was at Wal-mart getting a belt. He didn't lie but he didn't tell the whole truth either. I got home and while pumping in the evening he said he needed the computer for something. Ironically, he doesn't use the computer much so I was stunned he needed on there. He had them all placed onto a CD so that I'm able to use them to post here, myspace and facebook on top of pick the poses myself.

I was soooo stunned I almost cried. This is the same man who seriously has the BEST and most creative gifts ever!! I on the other hand, get him books, belts, clothes, undies, socks etc. I need help thinking of something creative for our anniversary! HA HA

I post so little, I forgot what you all said about what to do...HA HA Maybe I will learn if I posted more than every few months?