Monday, August 3, 2009


I forgot to post Carson's stats from his one year check-up.

He weighs 27 pounds and 1 oz.---------92nd
Height is 32 inches----98th

Yes, I grow a big boy! The doctor said he can understand why I need to nap with this overly active one year old! He put on a show for the ladies while getting weighed in and showed what an ornery boy he can be!

He has a new word---night night!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

ONE YEAR!!! July 10th!

Dear Carson,

It has been a year since you made your appearance LOUDLY into this world. It's hard to believe life without you in our lives. I don't know what daddy and I talked about before you came along. We talk on the phone and give each other the Carson (nicknamed Boo) update frequently. Not only does daddy like to know what you are doing, your Grammie must have the update as well and calls or texts me frequently just to ask how you are doing. You have stolen her heart for sure!

Here are twelve fun facts about you.

1. Your big smile makes the trials and tribulations of everyday seem so minuscule. (Well, it still doesn't stop mom from complaining though!). :)

2. You are unable to hide your feelings and they come out in your facial expressions. You have many different faces you show us on a daily basis. The two you like the most is shaking your head no when you don't want something and making zuberts at people as your way of saying Hello. Mommy only dislikes it when you are doing it at the dinner table because she is trying young to teach you table manners!

3. Since mommy and daddy are both Tauruses, you have nooooooo hope to not be stubborn! You crack us up when you show us this side! You don't want us holding your hand right now when we want you to walk somewhere with you. You have to do it on your own.

4. You are continuing to talking more frequently. You currently don't have any new words from the 11th month post. However, you tend to go around saying the words that you know. I love when we are in the store and you see anything shaped round and say ball, ball, ball. It's great to see that you know what a ball is shaped! You love ball so much that you are able to located a ball in the midst of all your toys and bring it to mommy!

5. You were a lifesaver in June. Your aunt Barbara lost her green stone out of her ring when she was here babysitting you for a day and after two weeks, there was no way it was going to be found. Instead, you decided that wasn't going to be the case. After many sweepings in the living room (your mom has an obsession) and even the couch being moved, one day you handed me the stone, saying "mama mama". It was a dream come true for Aunt Barbara who loved that ring that her son got her!

6. Speaking of cleaning, you are a champ! You must have your "plate" clean. When you are full, you hand any leftover food to mommy to put into the bowl. You can't stand having anything on your plate! Also, you love walking holding the broom and cleaning up the kitchen. Not only do you like a clean plate and the broom, you love taking laundry out of the dryer, especially at Missy's house (the babysitter). She thinks it's beyond adorable that you are so interested in helping. I'm hoping I won't have to tell you to clean your room when you get older! Finally, I forgot you learned how to do dishes. I think you had more fun putting water all over the floor and suds in your hair, but it was adorable to see you interacting with Grammie!

7. You love your fruits and veggies! If you were able to live on bananas and green beans, I think you would be truly happy! I've been taught to start with veggies first at the table so I ensure you eat them. If you we set meat down at the same time as veggies, you will pick through to find the veggies, especially green beans!

8. YOU ARE WALKING!!!!!!! You were doing great and then we went to Grammie's house for two days and it was like you were determined to show off for her and it was off to the races after that. Sure, you still crawl every so often, but for the most part, you are walking! It's amazing how fast you have grown the first year!

9. You are wearing size 18-24 month clothes. You are a BIG BOY! Evenly portioned by all means, but definitely bigger than most little ones around you! I will have to repost this letter when I have your stats from your one year appointment!

10. You love your mommy and daddy. You love each of us in your own way. Daddy is the most famous for your bathtime and nighttime sippy cup. Mom did your bath alone for the first five months of your life and then daddy took over. When mommy fills in, you are stubborn and won't even play the "Where is Pooh game?". I think mommy is too business like and thinking about what all needs to be done and daddy has time to play! Also, daddy has big brother who helps him out when he is here. YOU LOVE BATHTIME!

11. You're great in the pool! We have a pool in our housing development and you do a great job in there. We start about 5 min. in the baby pool to get your acclimated to the water temperature and then we move to the big boy pool. You do whine when we first get in because you think someone should hold you. However, once given your "balls" and diving sticks and moving around, you LOVE the floater. You think playing Splash Splash is the best especially when you get daddy's glasses all wet! Sometimes, you forget you aren't in the pool during bathtime, and the entire floor is soaked! OOPS! Mommy LOVES that you are a big pool guy because she loves getting her tan!!!!!!!

12. You have your first black eye! :( The day before your first birthday you climbed up on your little chair and decided to go over the side (while your brother who's 11 was sitting right beside you watching you) and hit your head on the coffee table).

Thanks for all the great memories from your first year. I can't wait for many more.


Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, June 13, 2009

11 months

11 tidbits about Carson Scott Grey

1. Carson weighs 26 1/2 pounds

2. Carson had another ear infection and croup

3. Carson loves to play the "Where is Pooh?" in the bathtub. We hide Pooh under items, behind something or whereever and he finds it as soon as he gets in the tub! :)

4. Carson has two new words. Ball and Bye Bye. Ball came at 10 months and 8 days and Bye Bye came at 11 months and 3 days

5. Carson is FINISHED with bottles! It was recommended by my other moms to try getting rid of them due to his ear infections! He is still taking formula obviously, but is using sippy cups! He cut cold turkey and only one whine for a ba ba at night, but I'm a hard one!! ;)

6. STEPS---he has taken four steps at one time so we are making progress towards walking. My homework assignment from the pedi is that he walks by his first birthday!

7. Carson loves to pound on anything feasible to make music! He spent 30 min. today with me just making music with our hands! It was cute when he wanted to do it alone and he would push my hand away and then I was allowed back on the table and he would push it back. Pots and pans are also included in this LOUD music.

8. Whispers---Carson loves to whisper dada dada dada dada dada dada FREQUENTLY! He will sit at the window hoping daddy will come home. He does it at 3 am and then will go back to sleep. It cracks me up for sure!

9. Carson has 8 teeth now! His 8th tooth was on the bottle

10. Carson is wearing size 3 diapers and size 4 diapers (overnight) at night. The boy LOVES to drink his water still and I won't stop him so we have to use overnight diapers as he was soaking his diaper and pj's every morning.

11. The binkie will be next to go...hoping at the one year update! ;) He only takes it at nap time and I find more over the side of the crib than actually in his month. So, that will be next to go bye bye!

HE'S ALMOST ONE! :( I better get ordering and picking a b-day party date! It seems sooooooo fast!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm going.....

to get annoyed with comments such as....

1. You are going to have your hands full.

2. the kids are going to be awful close together

3. Did you plan this?

4. How are you taking this?

5. How's Carson handling it?

After 2 1/2 years of trying to get pregnant and even having to intervene with drugs, I'm just happy I don't have to go through all the trials and tribulations to get to have a wonderful miracle. No, this was not planned one single bit! Yes, it's going to be a bit tough at first as they are so close together. My brother and I are 17 months apart. My mom seemed to handle us just fine (sure we fought like cats and dogs later!). It will be great when they are in school and so close together! :)

Well, Carson's not handling it and it doesn't make it any easier by asking me about it! I had to quit breastfeeding after 10 months and 7 days because we didn't know how far along I really was. I haven't had a period since Jan. so I could be too far along and be detrimental to the baby, so I had to quit---cold turkey! :( I am not handling that part well, and neither is Carson. He is handling the formula, but he REFUSES to take a bottle from me. A few people have recommended just going ahead and giving him the formula in a sippie cup so we will try that this weekend. I'm cheap and stubborn and I really wanted to say that we didn't have to buy a single can of formula in a year. Well, that's not going to happen! :(

Ok, enough of the rant. We had an ultrasound and everything is looking great! I am due Jan. 10th! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 months old

Carson is 10 months old today. It was great having my first Mother's Day today!

Here's the bird's eye view of Carson via Eric. :) Well, he gives me the ideas to post and I'm expanded on them. I can't interrupt him watching House..:)

1. Carson loves being chased around on the ground while crawling. He discovered this game while Grammie was here one time. He would be crawling towards her and she would be chasing him and boy can he move fast!

2. He's going to be a natural at picking up after himself. He thinks that feeding himself isn't as fun even though he's eating table food. I put little bits on his tray for him to pick up and eat. However, he must think that it's messy and will give them to me to put into the bowl. I think it's adorable because I need all the help I can picking up! :)

3. Table Food
Carson's eating a variety of Table Food at this point. I wish I had the book home from the babysitter because we just made a list for her! :) He loves pancakes (Grammie made them for the first time this weekend), pears, bananas, cheerios, animal crackers, turkey burgers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, noodles, yogurt just to name a few! Introductions to new foods will be coming soon! I also love new ideas! ;)

4. Throwing the ball- Carson enjoys sitting on someones lap and having the person below you pick up the ball and then throw it back to him and he throws it to you. If I were to already guess right now, it's obvious he will be right handed. We only have one lefty (Kayla) in our family.

5. Standing alone- Of course, I read the books, blogs etc. and see how other children are already walking. Yes, part of me thought he would walk early because I was walking by 9 months. However, he's making steps towards walking and is standing alone at some points.

6. Mocking bird- He loves doing what you are doing. The biggest part is screaming. If you make the screaming noises, he's going to make it back and much louder! It's sooooo adorable! :) I love coming to get him from the babysitter and hearing the boys and Carson having a screaming match.

7. The outdoors
Carson LOVES the outdoors. Whether it's sitting on someones lap, crawling around on the deck, playing in the yard on a blanket, or strolling in the stroller the boy loves to be outdoors! However, he's not the biggest fan of the grass! Saturday my mom took him outside on the swing so I could get a 30 min. nap. Of course, this swing wasn't a babyswing, so she wanted to ensure she was holding onto him. However, Mr. Independent didn't like Grammie touching him and kept pushing her hand away.

8. The Zoo
This week Carson was able to see the new baby Elephant at the zoo and thoroughly loved the aquarium. Missy (the babysitter) already had plans to take the other kids on Wed. which is Eric's usual day off. However, he had to work that day and she really didn't want to disappoint the other children. I was said I wouldn't be there to see his reactions for the first time at the zoo. But, I'm glad he had a great time! I even sent him with "spending money". He wasn't able to get his morning nap in that day because he was too busy looking at all the people. Hmmmmm I wonder who that would remind you of?

9. New Words

He's really trying to say dog, ball and Thank You! All of us are curious if they are really the real words or we are just imagining it! :)

10. Kisses on demand
It's so adorable when you ask him to give you kisses and he does!

Even though it's trying to be a mom at times, it's a wonderful feeling!!!

This post means that I am only 2 months away from ditching the pump and hosting his first birthday party. I already have the theme picked out, but nothing bought!!!

Hope you all enjoyed your Mother's Day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

9 months old........and one day

Happy 9 months Carson!!

Since mommy was on Spring Break, she was clueless about the date. She kept thinking it was Sat. the whole time. In fact, April 10th is Daddy and Mommy's 5 years of dating. So, not only did I forget to give Daddy his card, I forgot to take a picture of you on your 9 month mark. OOPS! So, grammie stopped by on her way to KY and therefore we took a 9 month and 1 month quick snap. I think mommy has to have an excuse to buy a new digital camera because she is unable to find the cord that connects to her computer! :) I love excuses to buy something new.

Ok, this post is about you. So, here's 9 funnies about you.

1. Your many faces. It's so funny to see the many faces you can partake in a given day. I don't know why the fish face is your favorite at this point in time. Your other favorite is a mean look

I haven't been able to get a picture of yet.

2. You are a champ at climbing the stairs. It first starting when you thought it would be fun to chase the kids at Missy (the awesome babysitter's house) to the toy room. You went up on your first try and continue to love to go up the stairs. (picture of my camera! :() Of course, the funny part is that you stop to check to ensure someone is behind you and/or that someone is paying attention to you!

3. Your need to find whatever you can to be entertained. Whether it's a box or your laundry hamper. If you have someone playing with you, you are golden for hours.

4. The way you use whatever is around for a teething ring. I might as well have saved some money on the actual rings they commercially make. You LOVE to use blocks and the edge of the binkies.

(Don't mind the sticker that my brother thought would be great to torment him with!!)

5. I know I have mentioned this bath time before. But, you never cease to amaze me at your bath time skills. Daddy is usually the bath man, but mommy has taken it over during Spring Break. I love how you think it's time to play give mommy a toy to put in her mouth and then I will put a toy in my mouth. I love how you stand up on the edge of the bathtub because you think you are super cool because you can stand up now! Your smile at the end of the bath in your cute hoodie towel makes me laugh! You love the frog and crocodile.

6. It's neat to see you stand up and push the buttons, close the computer and turn the pages on the Laugh and Learn table. I just wish you would let mommy hear her favorite tunes when she pushes the buttons! :) Instead, she gets to singing the songs and you have to close the computer.

7. Your laugh is funny. When you see the tickle bugs coming you begin to laugh. You someone stop when you are nursing just to laugh if mommy moves her hands just right, you think I'm coming to tickle you! I love hearing you laugh.

8. There really isn't anything "funny" about this one but I wanted to add that you have only slept through the night 2 of the last 10 nights. Between that 7th tooth coming in and your need to be "not fed enough", you can't stand asleep long enough or even take the best of naps. It was a rough Spring Break!

9. It's funny that you are a charmer already. You put your best face on and charm whoever is around. Whether it's now telling them "dadddddaaaa or no no no no no no no", smiling, crawling, standing, eating, whatever it may be you are a blue eyed ornery stubborn charmer! I don't know where you get some of the things that you get. Ugh ok, I wish I could say that I wasn't the ornery stubborn one but sorry Carson, you are a lot like mommy!!

We love you lots!

Triple Time

1. I would not have complained about being on break and never getting to sttn......ok two nights out of 10 I didn't complain.

2. I would not have went to Meijer and Sam's alone and felt lost without Carson with me!!!

3. I would not have been excited when the late night time awake would mean that I would have to forgo pumping in the am!! I love pumping so much.

4. The following day after he gave me time to shop I would not have pushed the button and left again to go get a haircut!

5. I would not have freaked out when I returned home to find a goose egg given by the car door and almost swallowing a paperclip when John was to be watching him. While I was not freaking out, I wouldn't have made him feel guilty about us not being able to get 9 month pictures professionally taken.

6. I would not be counting down the days until Summer so we can get on a schedule and stick to normal feedings, naps etc.

7. I would not have logged onto blogger, facebook. myspace or email while I was breastfeeding.

8. I would not have wondered if my son will eat me out of the house by 5 and will he be a whimp with his teething and awaking so much for both!!!

9. I would not have made sure that I didn't help get the diaper bag, Carson's food, boppy, Chair to eat, food we cooked for dinner ready JUST to prove a point to my husband he depends way too much on me. Nope, I would have instead stayed upstairs taking awhile in the shower, doing my hair and putting on make-up for Easter.

10. I would not have been annoyed with my mother-in-law at Easter. Why when you are around people do you feel they are watching EVERY move you make as a parent. So, I wasn't feeding C fast enough and he started to whine. I am on the floor, with my man in a seat that he doesn't want to be in, fat because I'm fat and I ate too much and you want to tell me I'm not feeding him enough. I would not have told her to come down here and do it herself then! No, not me, I bite my toungue with her so that I dont' cause issues.

11. I would not have proceeded to read blogs of mothers of multiples and continue to think to myself "I will not ask the questions they complain they get from others"! ;-) P.S. The only comment they dislike I will continue to say is "How cute they kids are......but as a mother I LOVE when people say that Carson is cute! ;) So, if I see twins, triplets, quads etc. IF they are cute, I will tell the parents they are cute. However, I won't tell them better them than me, they have their hands full, did they use drugs just to name a few! ;)

12. I would not wonder what it would be like to have twins or triplets (as they do run in my family).

13. I would not have convinced my husband that we are going to have another child! Sure, Carson's been work (he is 50% me!) but he needs a brother or sister his own age! John's 10 years older than him and the next cousin closet is 8 years apart. That's unfair at Easter Egg Hunts!!!

14. I would not have stayed up until 12:45 am Saturday Evening because on my Spring Break to do list was to organize the basement. I would not have napped so much during the week that I didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked to over break. I would not have lost more sleep to clean the basement (the place that can be avoidable to guests!). No, not me!

ENJOY! I'm too lazy to give the linkie . But, you should try this one on your own sometime. It's fuN and actually therapy! :) Pray for Stellan!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Take Two

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

1. I did not enjoy not only grocery shopping alone this week by spending a quick trip to Sam's on Monday. We had some money that had to be spent for school, so it was a fast fast trip!!! But, it was fun to buy Dry-erase markers, grading pens, Sharpies and such ALONE!!!

2. I didn't get into the Bachelor this season and find myself invested in who he was going to pick! NO, NOT ME! I only watch Survivor, and have already missed two episodes of it! Thank goodness Cara reminds me that it's Bachelor time! :)

3. I did not get frustrated when an old friend posted a mean comment about me on an other friends Facebook! That wouldn't have been me because I don't care what people think.

4. My son wouldn't have made his first crawls when I wasn't home! Oh no, he wouldn't be off to the races and I am not jealous I wasn't here!!

5. I wouldn't have went to Wal-mart at 7:30am to buy new scissors and sneak over to the baby section. I wouldn't have stocked up a ton on baby food, no not me! I also wouldn't have been so excited the baby food was .14 cents cheaper that I spent 30.00 on baby food!!

6. I wouldn't have ensured my mom got the first pick on Carson's pictures even though hubby paid for them!

7. I would not have taken a pregnancy test two times this week. I'm worried because I haven't had a period since Jan. 13th. No, not me! Not me, I know how babies get here and I know that one time we were stupid would not leave me a baby. Heck, I was the same one who had to take a pill to get prego! Speaking of which, no not me, I wouldn't have breathed a sigh of relief that I wasn't pregnant JUST YET!

8. I wouldn't have went back and forth a ton this weekend saying how much I should really give up breastfeeding at this point. NO NOT ME! I WILL STICK TO IT FOR A YEAR! (ugh, why do I do this to myself....?? I still have this sinus crud for over a month now and the lack of sleep is getting to me!)

9. To close, I wouldn't have broken down and told my husband that I would love to be in his shoes just for one day. No, not me...I appreciate everything he does do, and would never want to switch roles. (ok, maybe that's not so true!) That was Sunday. No, I wouldn't have made him feel so guilty that today when I got home, he had decided to utilize that hour freedom to clean up the recyclables in the garage. No, not me, I wouldn't have felt a tad bit guilty!!!

10. No, Not me...I wouldn't of been disgusted at the time they have chosen to schedule their IEP's meetings. I'm flexible. Ok, no this year I am not. I am not giving up this day that's a teacher work-day to sit in IEP's conferences. I wouldn't have told my principal how I feel about this. NO NOT ME! (Thankfully, four other teachers were upset as well, I just found out first so got to him first!).

11. I wouldn't of been so missing my son today that I brought less school work home, fed him solids, gave him the bath and then nursed him. No, not me I just complained that I do too much! :)

Oops didn't I mention at 9 that was it?

So, what are your NOT ME's for the week? JUST TRY IT! Until next time.....Have a GREAT WEEK!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

8 months

Carson is 8 months old today, March 10th! I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast!

Here's eight greats about the little love of my love.

1. His two words are still momma and baba. I seriously even practice with him to say dada but he isn't having anything to do with it.

2. He can make the kissing sound (but doesn't have the blowing kisses down just yet).

3. He's crawling. Last Wed. he had it down and he is off all over the place and it's amazing what someone can drop in a day!

4. The smile he has lights up the room. Of course, that would be totally from his mother. :) Besides that, it's so awesome to see him in the morning smile at the babysitter and all the kids that are there. It's even better to see his smile when you walk in the room from being gone at work or the grocery.

5. The boy has no fear of any food. He wasn't a big fan of fruits at the beginning. The boy is a champ at this point of eating! :) He eats a 1/2 container of Stage 2 fruit in the morning with 2 oz of breastmilk and oatmeal. For lunch he has the other half of the Stage 2 fruit and a container of Stage 2 Veggies. For dinner, he has 1 1 /2 jars of baby food dinners. The boy eats like a machine. We tried Stage 3 but he puked right after it, and it was too chunky for him. I haven't given him finger foods yet because I'm scared! (HA HA) The boy is a tank and wears 12-18 month clothes right now!

6. He has my lungs. Whether it's when he is whiney, crying, talking, or screaming (just to be sure we know he's there), there's NO hiding that he's my son! I love that he is vocal. I want to be social like I am! :)

7. It's so fun to see you in the bathtub. Since you were born, we have strived to give you a bath every night. I think we have only missed a handful. It's a great relaxing time for both mommy and daddy. This is the role that Eric has taken over for sure. I use it as a time to get started on my school work or pick up the house. Usually the weekends I take over when I have less on my mind. It's SOOOOOO fun to see you pick up the water container, play with the toys (the life preserver is your favorite) and eat a wash cloth. You are so fiesty when daddy has to take you out of there. It's even more cute when you see me when you get down the stairs and whine because you know it's time to get fed and ready for bed!

8. Lastly, the love that surrounds you! It starts at home and is amazing how two parents can love someone sooooooooo much. It continues with family, friends and especially your babysitter Missy. She treats you like one of her own and writes us notes about how much he makes her day! She spoils him like he is a family member! You are one loved boy!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

1st Edition of Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

1. There is no way that I went to work complaining that men are whiney when they are sick and that I was mad when I had to take Carson to the sitter on Eric's day off. Not me!! (oops he had bronchitis, sinus infection, ear infection and pink eye!!)

2. There is no way on that same said morning when Carson looked right at daddy and said " Momma Momma Momma Ha" that I didn't laugh so hard and tell him Carson feels my pain.
I also wouldn't have enjoyed that part so much I told my entire class! Not me!

3. Friday night was Activity Night at school. and I was only staying for an hour so I could get Carson. When Eric had it planned to bring Carson, I would have never been worried about what outfit he was in, would he have all the supplies to feed Carson solids and would he remember everything else! No that wouldn't be me for sure!!!

4. I would not have made John do his own laundry again because he failed to bring it downstairs like he is supposed to do before he goes back to his mother's house. NOT ME! In fact, I wouldn't have been so annoyed about his selective hearing that when he asked me to print out his report for him, I would have not went on about how he isn't listening to me today and that I'm not going to listen to him. NOT ME! That's soooo childish. (He got his report, just had to wait until EG got home to do it!!)

5. Friday morning at 5:00 am, I wouldn't have been perturbed that my son was up and adam when I was pumping. Milk is so precious and I am too cheap to stop breastfeeding. So, I wouldn't have let him cry for a little bit in there until he kept said "momma momma momma momma". I wouldn't have tried to ignore it until my mom (via text) made me feel guilty! I then wouldn't have brought him in my room to lay on our bed so I could still get at least a bottle. NOT ME! I don't believe the kid should ever be in your bed!

6. Friday night I wouldn't have went to bed at 8:45 pm and been extremely mad when Carson woke up at 5:00 am AGAIN and especially on a Saturday. 5:00 am is when the alarm goes off to pump, not get Carson up to feed! I wouldn't have brought him in bed with me so I could still get that precious milk. NOT ME! That wouldn't have been two days in a row for those of you counting! NOT ME!!!

7. I started typing this Saturday morning so that I would actually post the first NOT ME edition as opposed to thinking about posting it for a few weeks now. NOT ME! It's supposed to be a NOT ME MONDAY..................not Not Me Saturday start typing.

8. I wouldn't have decided to drop hints to my principal that it's time for me to give up a subject (preferably Math). I currently teach Math, Two Social Studies, Reading and Writing. It's a lot of prepping and organizing (not so much the papers because I would have that many to grade anyways...and I LOVE TO GRADE!). NOT ME! I wouldn't take any given moment available to bring up the topic about getting rid of Math. In fact, I wouldn't decide it was best to even discuss it in front of other teachers at this point as well. Knowing full well, there are three different people who would LOVE to give up a different subject to take my Math. NO WAY THAT WOULDN"T BE ME!!!!

9. I wouldn't wonder why my Friday seemed so different about 11:00 am to realize it was only because I didn't get to check my Facebook in the morning when I was feeding! NO NOT ME! I'm NOT addicted to Facebook! :)

Go ahead and think about the NOT ME's and take the plunge for your NOT ME MONDAY'S! Even if you don't try it yourself, at least check out MckMama's blog, it's addicting!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

More of Carson's pictures!

Happy Valentine's Day

7 month update! Carson had his first fever, ear infection and croupe (however you spell it!!). He weighs 21 pounds and is 29 inches long! He has 6 teeth.....two on the bottom and four up top. My son doesn't enjoy learning how to crawl, so he will just roll everywhere. He will roll back and forth to get to the spot that he would like to get too. He's on the last knotch of the Jump-a-roo, eating everything under the sun, still breastfeeding, and only says two words....BaBa and Momma. Go ahead and put those together and it sounds like BaMom and the kids at the sitter still today thinks he is saying "OBAMA!". :)


I guess my husband does listen to me ranting after all! I have whined and moaned enough that we haven't went to get Carson ANY professional pictures enough that he surprised me with them! On Wednesdays, Eric keeps Carson while I'm working. I called him while pumping (I multi-task on crack during pump sessions) and he said he was at Wal-mart getting a belt. He didn't lie but he didn't tell the whole truth either. I got home and while pumping in the evening he said he needed the computer for something. Ironically, he doesn't use the computer much so I was stunned he needed on there. He had them all placed onto a CD so that I'm able to use them to post here, myspace and facebook on top of pick the poses myself.

I was soooo stunned I almost cried. This is the same man who seriously has the BEST and most creative gifts ever!! I on the other hand, get him books, belts, clothes, undies, socks etc. I need help thinking of something creative for our anniversary! HA HA

I post so little, I forgot what you all said about what to do...HA HA Maybe I will learn if I posted more than every few months?