Monday, March 1, 2010

Not me Monday March 1st

I would never have had my record number of sleep hrs in a row on the 14th and tell my husband I had a shitty nights sleep, just so I could get 2 2 hour naps! Ok, that was also the day I found out I had a sinus infection. I'm tired of barely sleeping. Then, it turned into a double ear infection on the 26th.

I so didn't think I locked my keys in the car for the first time ever and have the cop open it only to find the alarm going off and no keys in the car! I would not have found then in my breastpump bag because I didn't want to take my purse in when I was @ school.

I would not deeply and utterly chuckle when my son decides he wants to clean, especially the toilet!

Carson would not have went into the bathroom with me and stated, "momma phewew" while I was going!

I wouldn't have found perfect timing two sundays in a row to be out for peace and quiet. First, grocery shopping and yesterday upstairs to pump when someone comes to visit on Sundays.

I would not have been giving a bath to Marissa with Carson helping and my cell ring, and when I didn't answer, then home phone ring and I pick up and tell them I'm giving a bath goodness. No way, I'm polite and courteous when I answer the phone. I would not have hung up on my husband when he called to check in, but only after letting him hear both kids crying @ the same time!

I would not have calld two friends by accident at 5 am!
Cara's was a message on her machine.....with the pump going! lol

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Tonya Winningham said...

Thanks for the good post! :)
I love the keys in the pump bag! Priceless!
And, I love the nap one...gotta do that sometimes! :)
Last of all, good job posting this on your first day back to work...whew!