Monday, December 27, 2010

Marissa is a year old!!!

Happy Birthday Marissa! I can't believe a year ago you came into our life!

Here's 12 fun facts about you:

1. You are soooooooooooooooooo laid back. This ALL comes from your daddy of course! I can't believe just how much you let it all just go and roll with the punches! Whether it's Carson knocking you over for no reason, or not getting your way, it's just whatever attitude!

2. You are finished with bottles. Mommy ironically had you stop at eleven months and one day, the same as your brother. NO, IT WASN'T PLANNED! You went right with the sippy cup like he did, but maybe even a little easier. :) Goodness, you are such an easy kiddo! I breastfed for you 5 days shy of 11 months. :) Your feeding pattern is much different than his was as well. You were a 4 oz bottle girl all the way! I had a lot of 8 oz bottles that never were even used. I guess you needed smaller amounts but more often. Hope that pattern continues in life and you can surpass the fatness of mommy and daddy!

3. You have some dancing skills. Your brother is madly in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and when the Hot Dog song comes on, no matter where you are, you RUN to get to the TV! It's adorable to see you running, let along getting your groove on. I don't know where you get your dancing skills, but keep it up! Not bad for your age. Thanks for not being into the cartoon though! :)

4. Your blue eyes are bright! You light up the room with those blue eyes. Ok, you might just bat them already and get your way. Let's just say I thought it would only work on daddy, but it's working on me as well. ONE time, I tried to get out the door to go shopping with just your brother. But, the wave and blue eyes sent me right back inside for you! I hope you continue to work the blue eyes when it comes to your father for money! :)

5. WALKER---Goodness girl, you walked much faster than your brother. You were full walking about 9 1/2 months. It's weird seeing such a little girl walking around, running etc. when you are the same size as your brother was at 6 months when you started walking!

6. Tub Time- Just like your brother, you LOVE your tub time. It's a blast to see you have no fear in the water. I will continue to enjoy this part of our night time routine (even if I TRY to get it to every other night, it doesn't happen), so that it pays off for us when we head to the pool in the summer time. You did great this summer, but each day I realize how much more fun you will be this summer since you enjoy the water and have no fear of water in your face. The tub time is both daddy and I and you don't care who does it! That helps mommy a lot, so thanks.

7. Continuing with Ms. No Fear---You enjoy the minute mommy or daddy open the dishwasher, to get on it and help unload the dishes. Laundry baskets are upside down often so you can stand on top of them. The minute the gate is down at home or Missy's you RUN to the stairs to get upstairs. I won't forget the time I was on the phone with your daddy and I heard footsteps upstairs. My heart pounded when I realized it was just you running upstairs. WHY? Because you had knocked the gate down, felt powerful and went all the way up by yourself!

8. It's amazing how hard it is to change your diaper or get clothes on you. Wiggle worm doesn't even describe it! I need to master putting on a diaper in all sorts of methods, but I haven't done this just yet. SO, it's easier to have anybody in sight distract you. :) Tickle bugs are your favorite right now.

9. TOUGH GIRL- WOW! You put both your brother John and Carson to shame. You are a TOUGH GIRL! I can't believe the falls you have had and barely cry! Your brother Carson is harsh to you often and I can't imagine how much you will beat him up when he gets older! :) Often we are told that you are tougher than both of your brothers! They better watch out!!!

10. LOVE- Marissa your love never ends. You enjoy being around your brother Carson even when he is mean to you. You don't care and continue to want to be around him. WHen he's not being mean to you, he REALLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYY cares about you. He's sooooo protective of you. He tells us RIGHT AWAY if you have something that is dangerous (why does everything go into your mouth?) Having two kids 17 1/2 half months apart is challenging to say the least, but I love to see the love the two of them share together! You are even precious to your older brother. You MAKE him care about you and reach out and want to sit on his lap. It's adorable!

11. TEETH- At this point in time, you have 11 teeth! Your top two one year molars are already fully through and the botom right one is currently coming in. Thank goodness for Teething tablets! :) Although, you take it much more in stride Ms. Tough Girl

12. Sleep- Goodness gracious, great balls of Fire I MISS THE DROP DOWN SIDE OF CRIBS!! You can be sound asleep in our arms and when we put you down, you SCREAM bloody murder. Carson had a drop down crib (it was recalled for safety) and was much easier to get to sleep than you. He would fall asleep in our arms and then the crib would drop down and we could put him right in the crib. Since we don't have that option with you, we give you some milk at night, and sometimes you fall asleep in our arms. Well, when we put you down, you then never fail to wake up screaming. Crying it out is our only option for you. Thankfully, you last between 3-15 min. and you are sound asleep!!! FINALLY, through the night you are sleeping as well. It seemed like you wanted to wake up much more often than Carson did.

Thanks so much for blessing our lives Marissa!

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Tonya Winningham said...

Good write-up Julie! I can't believe she is ONE! I loved reading this and thinking about my similar life...we need to get our kids together this summer to play!